Finals 01/24 completed
All final games were played and it couldn't have been more exciting. In the end, Mr.Enderson and ShinyArceus are tied with 87 points. This means that one of the additional rules of the final games applies: 4. In the event of a draw, the number of counter points counts. Since ShinyArceus has less points in total, he is the new BlobbyVolley League Champion and gets his first gold medal and now has the challenge cup in his profile. Congratulations!! Second place goes to Mr.Enderson and the third goes to gulogulonr1. Nikolei75 finished his first tournament with fourth place. Congratulations to all participants! There is also a draw in the betting game, even in the triple. Therefore, everyone who bets also receives a bettor's cup. Congratulations on this.
Written by Mr.Enderson on 27.04.2024 at 21:17:07 - 2 comments

Finals 01/24 opened
After a small delay, for which I apologize, it has now been decided to let the finals 01/24 begin. An email will be sent to the players. The games are set, we can bet and we can start. Good luck to all participants!
Written by Mr.Enderson on 05.04.2024 at 00:09:56 - 0 comments

Happy new Year 2024
The Blobby League wishes everyone a happy new year. Stay healthy, good luck and only the best! And hopefully here’s to a renewed revival of the league!
Written by Mr.Enderson on 01.01.2024 at 01:47:22 - 0 comments

Cancellation of the Finals 3/23
Hello Blobby community. Unfortunately, the last final games could not be finished until today because GK unfortunately disappeared and he didn't give any more feedback. We hope that he is doing well and will come back soon. After internal discussion, it was decided that the finals would be canceled and there would be no medal awarding. In addition, due to the lack of players, the next upcoming finals of the 4/23 season will not be played either. We ask for your understanding. A personal note from me, I really hope that we get a little more activity again in the next few weeks.
Written by Mr.Enderson on 27.12.2023 at 23:56:30 - 0 comments

Merry Christmas
We wish you and your families a merry Christmas and happy days!
Written by Mr.Enderson on 24.12.2023 at 00:05:35 - 0 comments

Blobby Volley 1.1.1
The new version 1.1.1 of Blobby Volley has been published a few months ago. Make sure to use the new version, especially if you're having issues with the server list. You can find the download here.
Written by Mortan on 05.11.2023 at 12:45:39 - 0 comments

Finals 3/23 will be changed
Hello Blobby community. Due to puffik's rejection and chipsy's absence, the following procedure would be possible: gulogulonr1 takes over for chipsy and the reigning champion, Mr. Enderson, would step in for puffik if everyone agrees! Unfortunately, ShinyArceus did not register within the deadline. We would make an exception here! If he registers in the next 3 days so he can play. The matches are then re-sorted. If this doesn't happen, the finals will be cancelled! Let's hope the best. P.S.: ShinyArceus has confirmed his participation! The games will be rearranged today and then we can get started! Let's look forward to exciting games.
Written by Mr.Enderson on 05.10.2023 at 23:15:45 - 0 comments

Season 03/23 is over
The season is over and it's time for the finals. Unfortunately there was a summer lull in which not many games were played and as a result the current champion didn't get a game. So let's now wait for the feedback from the participants. Looking ahead, we would like to ask you to let us know whether there was a number 5 and 6 who could possibly move up? Please write in the comments. We wish the finalists much success.
Written by Mr.Enderson on 01.10.2023 at 22:39:24 - 0 comments

Season 2/23 brings the finals back to life
The finalists were able to prove themselves again this time in exciting games. With a tie on points, Mr.Enderson and ShinyArceus went to their limits in the decider and fought an epic BV battle that the reigning champion won in the end and ShinyArceus swept away with silver! After almost three years of final break, GK won bronze and also his 10th tipper cup. Congratulations to all winners and many thanks to gulogulonr1 for participating!
Written by Mr.Enderson on 16.07.2023 at 22:20:20 - 0 comments

Happy 2023
Happy new year to all Blobby Volley players. Good luck to the four finalists.
Written by Mortan on 01.01.2023 at 00:00:14 - 1 comment

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