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Finals 01/24 completed
All final games were played and it couldn't have been more exciting. In the end, Mr.Enderson and ShinyArceus are tied with 87 points. This means that one of the additional rules of the final games applies: 4. In the event of a draw, the number of counter points counts. Since ShinyArceus has less points in total, he is the new BlobbyVolley League Champion and gets his first gold medal and now has the challenge cup in his profile. Congratulations!! Second place goes to Mr.Enderson and the third goes to gulogulonr1. Nikolei75 finished his first tournament with fourth place. Congratulations to all participants! There is also a draw in the betting game, even in the triple. Therefore, everyone who bets also receives a bettor's cup. Congratulations on this.
Written by Mr.Enderson on 27.04.2024 at 21:17:07 - 2 comments


Nikolei75: thanks everyone, very well played of you. and some fun for me to try the finals :)
ShinyArceus: Well played everyone!

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