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Finals 3/23 will be changed
Hello Blobby community. Due to puffik's rejection and chipsy's absence, the following procedure would be possible: gulogulonr1 takes over for chipsy and the reigning champion, Mr. Enderson, would step in for puffik if everyone agrees! Unfortunately, ShinyArceus did not register within the deadline. We would make an exception here! If he registers in the next 3 days so he can play. The matches are then re-sorted. If this doesn't happen, the finals will be cancelled! Let's hope the best. P.S.: ShinyArceus has confirmed his participation! The games will be rearranged today and then we can get started! Let's look forward to exciting games.
Written by Mr.Enderson on 05.10.2023 at 23:15:45 - 0 comments


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