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status: player
points: 1408
Blub-place:0 (no matches yet)
Ratings:43 x fair, 0 x middle, 0 x unfair (Details)
activity: -1
posts: 1
member since:23.02.2020
last login:10.08.2023

other infos:
You can always reach for a match by sending me a message on Discord, even if I'm not online here at Shiny@2910

Also, if you're interested by speedruns, check out the BV2 speedrun page where we try to beat the different AIs of the game as fast as possible here:

See you soon! :)

played Blobby Volley matches: 38 (20W-1D-17L)
played blub matches: 0 (0W-0D-0L) of the season 4/21 of the season 1/22 of the season 2/23


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