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Insults, all forms of discrimination and illegal hyperlinks are forbidden.


Every player is only allowed to have 1 account.


When both blobbys are moving in the game (which shows that both players are ready), you can start to play the league game.


Every Blobby Volley league game consists of 2 rounds. Each of them has to be played until 15 points, but the two players can agree to play only one round. This has to be decided before playing! In this case, the players enter the same results for both rounds.


Each player is allowed to play only one league match per day against the same opponent.


It is completely forbidden to enter fictitious results of games that have not been played yet. If one player resigns in a match, that round will be counted with no more points for him. It is forbidden to deny a match which has already begun.


Every player has to use the same nick in Blobby Volley, Blub and on the site.


If you have to interrupt the match because of many lags or any other valid reason, you can do that. Later the match should be reconvened and the points can be rereached by jumping on the ball.


The background image and the blobby color are user-definable.


Blub-Matches have to be played with the following settings: field size: normal, game speed: normal, collision: on, jump-over: on, only points when ball: off, points: 16, normal physics, ball position: middle. These are the default settings, we only changed the points. If all players agree, you can play with other settings, too.


Every player should apply common sense. Unfair behaviour that is not explicitly mentioned here isn't allowed either.

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