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(23:52) ShinyArceus: alright, done! I have to go to sleep now, see you!
(16:30) Botenjunge: How is this working exactly? I’ve always used Blobby Volley through the web as a browser-game.
(16:32) Botenjunge: I am the best Blobby Volley player and I am glad I found a potential platform here to prove it.
(20:25) ShinyArceus: Hi Botenjunge! you can challenge users by going to their profile and clicking challenge
(20:26) ShinyArceus: matches are always played in sets of 2 games, the player with most points after two games wins.
(20:26) ShinyArceus: the speed of the battle is up to you, usually most people play at 160% speed
(20:26) ShinyArceus: Feel free to challenge me if you want :D
(21:32) Mr.Enderson: I really like it when an new player comes around and tell everyone that he is the best BV player :D. The problem ist, most of them was never seen again...
(21:32) Mr.Enderson: Botenjunge, if you want to proove it, feel free to challenge us. I´m always curios about new best players :)
(21:34) Mr.Enderson: One note: Most of us just play on the 160 speed server, not 100 nor 130. Hope you know that!
(02:21) Nikolei75: Haha Botenjunge, dont be so sure in here. there are some really good players
(11:39) Botenjunge: I think I have challenged you now, ShinyArceus. I didn’t know about the 160% speed though. But I will give it a try. I am just not sure how it works. Do I need to download anything or can we play through the browser?
(11:39) Botenjunge: I should have time today after 18:00 CET
(11:51) Botenjunge: But 160% is mental. Just tried it out. Nobody plays on 100% speed here?
(11:52) Botenjunge: I have almost 10 years of experience on 100% speed. But 130% and more isn’t fun
(14:38) puffik7: I've been playing this game since 2003, back when the first version had the ball bouncing off the wall, but I haven't beaten these players yet. Playing with bots and real players are two different things.
(14:43) Botenjunge: The version
(14:45) Botenjunge: The version I was playing with my friends was the one where the ball bounces off the wall. The bots are no match on 100% speed. But with 160% speed and no bouncing off the walls I am not so sure anymore that this is what I wanted to get into
(14:46) Botenjunge: I still don’t get how to connect to other players here though. I was always just playing in front of the computer with friends
(14:58) gulogulonr1: Hello Botenjunge and welcome to the liga
(15:00) gulogulonr1: if you need help with something about the game just ask
(15:00) gulogulonr1: we will do our best to help
(15:10) gulogulonr1: if you download blobby v1.1.1 from
(15:11) gulogulonr1: you can play wit others when you choose online servers in the game meny
(15:14) gulogulonr1: hello shiny
(15:27) Botenjunge: Ah that was very helpful! Thank you @gulogulonr1
(15:27) Botenjunge: Ah that was very helpful! Thank you @gulogulonr1
(15:27) Botenjunge: Ah that was very helpful! Thank you @gulogulonr1
(15:28) gulogulonr1: Your welcome
(15:29) Botenjunge: You want a quick 1:1?
(15:29) gulogulonr1: We can do that what speed i preffere 160
(15:30) Botenjunge: Okay let me try 160% then
(15:30) gulogulonr1: I am on the server now
(15:31) Botenjunge: I opened a game now with 160
(15:32) gulogulonr1: cant see you are you there
(15:33) gulogulonr1: you can just join my game
(15:33) Botenjunge: We started the game but I am playing from the iPad and struggling with controls. It’s not working with arrows
(15:34) gulogulonr1: ok i would recommend pc and play with mouse
(15:35) Botenjunge: Let me try again with the laptop
(15:35) gulogulonr1: ok
(15:35) gulogulonr1: would be best if you have a real mouse just my opinion
(15:36) Botenjunge: Opened a game now
(15:40) Botenjunge: 160% is insane though. Feels laggy
(15:40) Botenjunge: How do I get points for a game?
(15:41) gulogulonr1: if it shoul d be recorded in the liga you shoul challenge the player on the blobby site firrs
(15:42) Botenjunge: Ah okay got it. Thanks”
(15:42) gulogulonr1: you click on the player name and challenge him
(15:42) gulogulonr1: want one mor
(15:43) gulogulonr1: more
(15:43) Botenjunge: Sure let’s have one more. Last one for me until after 18:00 because I am supposed to work right now
(15:43) gulogulonr1: ok
(15:44) gulogulonr1: opend a game
(15:46) gulogulonr1: cu you next time
(15:46) gulogulonr1: gg
(15:46) Botenjunge: Can we just try once in 100% speed? Just curious if the speed is causing the lag
(15:47) gulogulonr1: we can as a test
(15:47) Botenjunge: Okay thanks
(16:00) gulogulonr1: gg
(16:00) gulogulonr1: cu
(16:00) Botenjunge: That was fun thanks! I think I need to try from the computer, still got some lag despite 100% speed
(16:00) gulogulonr1: the lag differs
(16:01) Botenjunge: Or is it normal to have lag?
(16:01) gulogulonr1: some lag is normal i dont know how muich you have
(16:02) gulogulonr1: mine is normally from 20 -30ms
(16:02) Botenjunge: Sometimes its running fine but yes it differs, sometimes its unplayable from my laptop at least for 40% of the time
(16:03) gulogulonr1: depend son the load and your connection
(16:03) gulogulonr1: cable is the best wifi will add more lag
(16:04) gulogulonr1: when i ping the server right now i have 36 ms lag
(16:06) Botenjunge: How can I ping the server to see my lag?
(16:06) gulogulonr1: or latency
(16:07) gulogulonr1: if you click on info in th game online server it will give you the adress
(16:08) gulogulonr1: then in cmd prompt write ping and then the adress
(16:09) gulogulonr1: ping
(16:10) Botenjunge: I see. Yes its also 25 - 30
(16:10) gulogulonr1: but the game will also write the lag in the title bar when you play online
(16:11) Botenjunge: You are all maniacs for playing 160% with this occasional lag :D
(16:12) gulogulonr1: no you will get use to it just wait until you play against some of the good players
(16:15) gulogulonr1: there are also times where there is good connection
(16:15) gulogulonr1: *when
(16:17) gulogulonr1: by the way if you have discord there are also a blobby channel
(16:18) gulogulonr1: and one more thing you can change your name from right player to what you want by clicking on
(16:18) gulogulonr1: the name
(16:20) gulogulonr1: you probably knew that but you played as right player
(00:01) Mr.Enderson: Botenjunge, I just speak about myself. I have been started in 2008 here with 100% and in my best moments we played hours on hours on 100% for just only one match. My longest match was 435min, this means more than 7 hours... this isn´t fun. If I´m looking
(00:02) Mr.Enderson: back I can´t believe to play such long, just crazy. And this wasn´t the longest game here... Now with the faster speed it makes more fun because it is not boring anymore and you can play within few minutes. Longest match on 160 was round about 15-20min
(00:03) Mr.Enderson:
(00:05) Mr.Enderson: The longest match with 580min, nearly 10 hours
(00:05) Mr.Enderson:
(00:11) gulogulonr1: Guten Abend Mr. E
(01:08) Botenjunge: 10h on 100%? Even with 2h breaks for lunch, dinner and toilet…How is it even possible that neither of 2 players doesn’t make a mistake for so long.
(01:09) Botenjunge: Mr.Enderson do replays of multiple hour long games exist?
(08:48) Mr.Enderson: Well, there are many sick people in this world. :D
(08:49) Mr.Enderson: I didn´t believe it as I have started to play here but after playing against lot of players here I´ve become better an better and I can just say now - it is possible to play such a long time.
(08:50) Mr.Enderson: There were no longer breaks - the just make a break for toilet or after the first set but we´re talking about 5 up to 10min because if you´re waiting to long your "flow" is gone
(08:55) Mr.Enderson: We didn´t have replays. In that time it was not so common to make replays nor had anyone the possibility to make a "ingame" video
(20:37) Botenjunge: Hi ShinyArceus, I would be available now
(21:00) ShinyArceus: Hi Botenjunge, I can play now as well
(21:02) Botenjunge: Oh no, I now need 15 min longer
(21:02) ShinyArceus: okok
(21:44) ShinyArceus: hi gulo
(21:57) Botenjunge: Oh no, I now need 15 min longer

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