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Version: Blobby Volley 2
Challenger: jauris
Time of the match: 15.09.2010 - 01:38

Round 1
jauris 5 : 15 Mr.Enderson

Round 2
jauris 0 : 15 Mr.Enderson

Complete result:
jauris 5 : 30 Mr.Enderson

Mr.Enderson has won the match!

Expectation to win of jauris: 16 %
Expectation to win of Mr.Enderson: 84 %

jauris gets -8 points
New points of jauris: 1673
jauris is now on place 16

Mr.Enderson gets 8 points
New points of Mr.Enderson: 1975
Mr.Enderson is now on place 2

Expected result: 14:30

jauris gets -6 season-points
New season points of jauris: 1116
jauris is now in season place 8

Mr.Enderson gets 6 season-points
New season points Mr.Enderson: 1170
Mr.Enderson is now on season place 4

Comment of jauris: Played well, at high speed.Unfortunelly could not get more than 5 pts., though there were some chances to get more :) Thx, Mr.Enderson
Comment of Mr.Enderson: He´s a very good Player! Not to be underestimated! GG jauris

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