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Future of the Blobby Volley League
After some consideration, comments and discussions in the last few days, I must admit that it's hard to shut off the league entirely. I had hoped that Benni would continue he league on his own, but he doesn't want for reasons I can understand. The complete shutdown of a system that works on the whole, is also something radically. That is why we have come up with a solution:

1. The Blobby Volley League remains online in its current form.

2. There will be no rule or more feature changes that require an intervention in the code.

3. Only serious bugs are fixed, making it impossible to use the league (fry the entire page, etc).

4. I remain as the technical contact on the team, but just take care to identify problems that can not be solved through the admin panel.

5. Because the Blub-tournament can not completely manage through the admin panel, it takes place in the Crazy Volley Liga until further notice. This season the tournament is on Monday, 01.10.2012 at 18 clock.

I thank all who have helped in recent days by their comments and opinions, help to save this page and to show that there still is more "community", as I had thought.
Written by Mortan on 24.09.2012 at 13:02:50 - 1 comment


: Yeah! That's more like it!!!

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