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The last quarter of the year can begin
The season 3 / 09 is over and the finalists have been announced. On the last day of the season could Abiok still earn a place in the Top8. This time we have two new "features" to the Finals. First, it is now playing a double-KO what brings more excitement to the finals and on the other hand, there is now a Predictor which everyone can feel free to participate go to type as the respective matches. The best tipsters also received an "Award" put in their profile. Have fun in the fight for the champion title. It will be played exciting matches. We wish all players a beautiful new season 3 / 09. From now on all the matches for the new season will be counted.

EDIT: In the Download-Area you now can download the MS-Excel-Table.
Written by Mr.Enderson on 01.10.2009 at 23:44:47 - 0 comments


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