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The season is over
The season 2/07 is over. The players who have been qualified for the final are EatmySocks, napster, aim! and Hinseman. congratulation and good luck!

The season-ranking have been resetted. We have changed some rules in the new season:

1. Eight players will play in the next final.

2. The formula for the activity points changes. Forum posts doesn't count anymore. Every player has one point less than now. So, completely inactive players will have -1 point.

3. When there are 50 players in the new ranking, the ranking will be splitted. The 20 best players are in the top-ranking and can play against other top-players, only. Additionally, they need 1 activity point to be ranked.

comments, questions and ideas about these changed are welcome. Thanks to all players who have played in this season and a lot of fun in the third season 2007
Written by Mortan on 01.07.2007 at 00:03:08 - 1 comment


fei: yeah nice to hear

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