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Ratings for BlueXG

12.12.2019fairBlueXG vs JL---
11.11.2011unfairSuperBen vs BlueXGDidn\\\'t play this game...
09.09.2011fairBlueXG vs Black Spider---
09.08.2011fairBlueXG vs SentryXgg
05.08.2011fairBlueXG vs eoS---
29.07.2011fairBlueXG vs SentryXgg
29.07.2011fairBlueXG vs honey-bunny---
29.07.2011fairBlueXG vs eoS---
28.07.2011fairBlueXG vs MikeKrüger---
28.07.2011fairBlueXG vs eriqmui$t
28.07.2011fairDoro vs BlueXG---
28.07.2011fairBlueXG vs ArtMal---
27.07.2011fairBlueXG vs Merphi---
18.07.2011fairBlueXG vs Cumparablexgg
18.07.2011fairBlueXG vs SentryX---
18.07.2011fairBlueXG vs eoS---
17.07.2011fairBlueXG vs eoS---
17.07.2011fairSentryX vs BlueXG---
16.07.2011fairBlueXG vs SentryX---
14.07.2011fairBlueXG vs zweix---
14.07.2011fairBlueXG vs SentryX---
11.07.2011fair-BEGINNER- vs BlueXGfair
11.07.2011fairBlueXG vs Katja---
11.07.2011fairBlueXG vs SentryX---
11.07.2011faireoS vs BlueXG---
10.07.2011fairb3ast vs BlueXGvery fair. he has lost the match by choice.
07.07.2011fairBlueXG vs eoS---
07.07.2011fairBlueXG vs Donna---
06.07.2011fairBlueXG vs hajo---
06.07.2011fairBlueXG vs Downburst---
06.07.2011fairBlueXG vs Neters---
04.07.2011fairBlueXG vs schmiefair play , thanks
04.07.2011fairBlueXG vs Scorokhod---
03.07.2011fair-BEGINNER- vs BlueXGgg wirklich gut gespielt
03.07.2011fairBlueXG vs He1me---
03.07.2011fairKatja vs BlueXG---
01.07.2011fairzealot vs BlueXG---
06.06.2011fairBlueXG vs hajo---
06.06.2011fairzealot vs BlueXG---
05.06.2011fairKinosnik vs BlueXG---
05.06.2011fairBlueXG vs vivo31---
11.05.2011fairhajo vs BlueXGgg

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