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Come and beat my times on :D


Recently, a page for Blobby Volley 2 was created on the website at the address

current categories rely mostly on beating AI opponents on a set difficulty as fast as possible.

So far I've beaten the previous times of almost all categories but most are beatable and since this seems to be the place to find good players, I'd love to see people beat my times :laugh:

Have a nice day and I hope we can play someday also :)

With love


Re: Come and beat my times on :D



Playing against "reduced.lua" medium

It´s as always, just find the "weak" move which the bot has a "problem" or simply "just looking for the bug" and you did it - just use the same move all the time and the ball is flattering over the net and the bot can´t hit em. Awesome time you´ve reached.... If you play then against the weak bot it is just more easier, as seen with 28sec.

Sorry, kinda bullshit - playing against bots makes only sense if you are a complete noob and you have never seen BV before.

Thx for posting but i had an look and i will not waste my time to find out the bug of each bot to try to create the best time to "beat" em...

If you want to try against a real player, like me, to look how fast i will beat you we can arrange a match - we can also post it then on this speedrun side, but to make this name also honor we will play on the 160 server - otherwise it isn´t an speedrun ;)

Cu and greetz
Mr. Enderson


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