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i'm new here and i already played few times and everytime opponent left after i was leading ... so, is there any rule about that or game has to be finished??

also, when someone challenge me and i accept, where do i play wiht him?

i open the game and choose ' network game ', then ' ok ' and wait 'till he shows up? is that a procedure or ???

someone help me, please...

Re: capitulation???

The Unbeatable

First of all, if a player leaves the match does the match be played over with the points like before by punching the ball on the ground. So, if he leaves he normally wins nothing.

If you challenge a player must the match be played over whatever!! You can play on the same computer, over the network, but most of the times over the internet. Here you need to download the Blobby Volley 2 Alpha 7, in downloads in the navigation bar on the right. If you runs the Blobby.exe you should see a network game option. Click this and than (after some milliseconds) online dictated. Normally you should wait until the player connects. If another player connects to you game you should press 2 times ESC and press network game -> online dictated -> ...

The Unbeatable


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