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Mouse issue on network


Hello to everybody!

I'm rather new when it comes to playing this game online and I believe that I have found a bug when playing a network game either on this server or on a LAN (even Hamachi).

The problem is that my blobby entity tends to "shiver" when I use the mouse control during online playing. However this problem does not occur when I play against a computer or another local player (ie keyboard).

I tested this issue on both my notebook with an USB 2.0 mouse and Windows Vista Business SP1, and my desktop which has a PS/2 mouse and Windows XP SP2. The result was the same wobbliness of my "blobby dude".

I have no problem with my keyboard control when it comes to playing online and I have tried to slow down the speed of my mouse and run this game compatible with previous Windows OS, but to no end.

I have also tried to google it but didn't find anything useful.

Thank you in advance for your replies,

Alex V.

Re: Mouse issue on network


This is a known bug in Blobby Volley 2 but there is no solution, yet. So, you have to play with keyboard or play with the "shivering" blobby traurig


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