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Version: unknown
Challenger: Katja
Time of the match: 18.06.2010 - 20:20

Round 1
Katja 5 : 0 GK

Round 2
Katja 5 : 0 GK

Complete result:
Katja 10 : 0 GK

Katja has won the match!

Comment of Katja: yes, somehow i've been lucky that your numerous serves haven't resulted in points
Comment of GK: Super match! So much chance to make a point, but 0 in result. :) 0:1 - 74', 0:2 - 102', next three points were missed near 120' :D So the second set was meaningless. Next 80 minutes i've tried to make at least 1 point, but this was impossible :)

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