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Mr Torrence

Version: Blobby Volley 2
Challenger: DerPeter
Time of the match: 10.02.2008 - 20:45

Round 1
DerPeter 10 : 15 Mr Torrence

Round 2
DerPeter 13 : 15 Mr Torrence

Complete result:
DerPeter 23 : 30 Mr Torrence

Mr Torrence has won the match!

Expectation to win of DerPeter: 38 %
Expectation to win of Mr Torrence: 62 %

DerPeter gets -19 points
New points of DerPeter: 981
DerPeter is now on place 277

Mr Torrence gets 19 points
New points of Mr Torrence: 1106
Mr Torrence is now on place 98

The two oppoents are playing in different leagues.
The match hasn't been scored for the season ranking.

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