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Blobby Volley (Version TI-92+)

Screenshot Blobby Volley  (Version TI-92+)
Although only completely ambitious math freaks possess such an equipment, we want to provide you with the Blobby Volley version for boring moments in school and university. The source code is attached to the files. We have not tested it, but we know that it is very fast and difficult to play . If someone has such a pocket calculator and can tell us something more about it we would be pleased. We already received a report. Big thanks goes to deen: I tested the game on the Voyager 200. It runs without problems and can be played by 2 human players. There are no computer enemies and the gravity is to strong, so that the ball falls down very fast. The ball is nevertheless hardly viewable when moving fast, but that is because of the display of the calculator.
To the Download! (42 Kb)
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