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status: player
place:0 (newcomer / inactive)
points: 1209
season-place:0 (no matches yet)
Blub-place:0 (no matches yet)
Ratings:50 x fair, 0 x middle, 0 x unfair (Details)
activity: -1
posts: 0
member since:17.08.2009
last login:12.03.2010

other infos:
My real name's Roman, I'm 24 and I'm from Czech republic. I speak Czech and English.

I only play Blobby Volley 2 here. I play with beginners, masters, anyone who asks... :o) I also play chess (mostly on

If you write me a message, challenge me or accept my challenge and there's no response, I'm probably playing a match with someone else. Just wait for 5-10 minutes. If there's still no response, it's probably a site bug with players displayed as online while they're logged off already... See ya next time ;o)

If you deny a match after losing the first one, welcome to my blacklist :o) In this case I also contact admins and they'll probably make it right anyway but I won't play with you suckers again...

And if you want to see some of my works (I'm an amateur photographer and graphics designer), check out my profile at DeviantArt ;o)

played Blobby Volley matches: 51 (19W-2D-30L)
played blub matches: 0 (0W-0D-0L)


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